Participatory Budgeting in Guarulhos

Guarulhos has more than 600 projects performed by Participatory Budgeting

The presence of people in discussions about the city priorities has increasingly helped in the development of the city of Guarulhos. More than 1.400 projects completed by the city since 2009, more than 600 demands are voted in Participatory Budgeting plenary. The result of this involvement can be seen in actions that benefit residents of certains regions covering the entire city. Among the results are the CEUs (Unified Education Centers), new schools and housing, health units, pavements, leisure and culture actions, Single Ticket, sewage treatment, and Paulo Faccini Cycloway, which nearly 7 kilometers, became one of the sport and leisure attractions for the people from Guarulhos.

Upon hearing the population through the PB- that was deployed in 2001 in the city- the city of Guarulhos demonstrates that popular participation, not only helps in the city planning as contributes to the transparent applications of resources. The disclosed embodiments confirm that put people at the center of the actions is good for everyone.

Photo: Ciclovia Paulo Faccini.


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